CULTURE&PODCAST#03 – DISCOVER SOUL ARTISTS : Podcast anglophone des élèves de 2nde GT de Mme Lotito Marina (Février 2023)

EDISON HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH PODCASTS PRESENT : DISCOVER SOUL ARTISTS – des podcasts culturels et musicaux en anglais pour découvrir les artistes d’hier et les influences d’aujourd’hui. (2nde GT de Mme LOTITO Marina – Février 2023)

Mrs Lotito’s secondes this year are working on the city of Memphis and how meaningful this place is in the history of American Music. A few weeks ago the pupils were lucky to enjoy a special concert presenting the different types of music in the USA and how it has influenced and was influenced by history. Would you like to learn more about music icons ?

Here is the awesome work of : 

1 – Cassandra on BB King


2 – Amandine and Lena on Ray Charles


3 – Rim & Yeleen on Elvis Presley


4 – Aarone & Flavio on Isaac Hayes


5 – Leo & Jules on James Brown


6 – Raphael & Louan on Otis Redding


7 – Manon & Maissa on John Mayer


8 – Iannis & Leonard on William Handy


9 – Axel & Alson on Johnny Cash


10 – Lilou & Lahna on Aretha Franklin


11 – Alix & Vanina on Jerry Lee Lewis 

Montage : les élèves eux même !

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