CULTURE&PODCAST#06 – Discover the mini company LIVE SESSION – February 13th 2024 (élèves de 2nd11 de Mme LOTITO Marina)

R U Ready for a 40 minute live session with the mini company? Une émission 100% en anglais pour en savoir plus sur la Mini Company 2024 et leur innovation le WattAir Plant !


Now that you know everything about the different positions inside big businesses, it’s time to learn more about how a micro company works, so here our program :
let’s start with Norah and Gaspard who will tell you everything about the different jobs done by the pupils, then Chloé, Anouk and Poerava will explain why this class is nothing like your regular class 😊.

In a second part, meet Ilyam, Basile and Titouan who will go over all the steps to build our mini business and let’s not forget the “Outsider helpers” introduced by Apollinariia and Poerava.

Eventually, Gaspard and Charlotte will answer all your questions about the firm before the whole team answers a game session quiz prepared by the bosses Louis and Gabriel.

Pay attention to this show because we have a big surprise coming for you in a few weeks…

Animateurs: élèves cités ci-dessus, Chloé en introduction et conclusion, Mrs Lotito en guest sur le end quiz
Chansons :
jingles by M. CERRI and AI
Happy par Pharrell Williams
Better Together par Jack Johnson
Bed : Better par Hicham Chahidi;

Montage/enregistrement : AL

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