CULTURE&PODCAST#02 – RAP AND POETRY TO FIGHT SOCIAL ISSUES : Podcast anglophone des élèves de 2nde GT 7-8 et 11 de Mme Lotito Marina (Avril 2022)

La classe de 2nd7-8, 2nd11 et leur professeur d’anglais, Mme Lotito vous présente Rap and poetry to fight social issues – un podcast culturel en anglais pour découvrir les poètes et rappeurs de demain.


Mrs Lotito’s secondes were lucky to enjoy this year’s Cinedison Festival and discover the film Soul Kids and meet its director.

Like in the film, they tried to put themselves in the artist’s shoes and here are their creations.

Who said poetry was for intellectuals only? Who said rap was not poetic and meaningful?

Here is the awesome work of (in order): Camille J, Louisa P, Lola T, Ambre HB, Luce Rose V, Aimy B, Sandra D, Camille P, Hugo BM, Evan C, Leila L, Iliana D, Maurine W, Yassmina A, Youssri R, Charles L, Maxence R, Mathieu L, Leo J, Zarghona M.

Poets & rappers : 2nd7-8, 2nd11

Montage : Mrs Lotito.


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